Windows Vista

WinPET 2.5.5 Release


This will be the last release of WinPET. (Click here to find out why)

WinPET 2.5.5 Features..

  • 6 New Net-navi -Tomahawkman, Shademan, Quickman, Colonel, Medi and Ring
  • Improved menu scroll speed – 100% faster than WinPET 2.0.5
  • NEW home screen design – Easier access to your programs and shortcuts.

In WinPET 2.0.5, you might not have been able to launch RealPlayer or WinAmp. This bug has been fixed. Enjoy!

Upgrade to WinPET 2.5.5 Today!


WinPET Video

This video shows a few of the Features included in WinPET and the new sliding menus.

I am still thinking about adding a few features to the Windows XP version before i get started on Vista. I might add a Microsoft office folder and maybe some more links. If you have any Questions or suggestions please comment or send me an E-Mail.

Once again, Thanks for recording and uploading the video, DarkKittenGamer!