“Why is WinPET so demanding on the CPU?”

Unfortunately, this is caused by a bug in the program that causes the saved preferences file to be read constantly. This is completely harmless, and will not make your system significantly slower.

“Will the program be avaliable for Mac OS/Linux?”
WinPET is exclusive to Windows.

“Can the program be ported to Android/iOS?”
WinPET will not be avaliable for any handheld device.

“Is it possible to import a Custom Navi?”
WinPET does not support custom navis.

“Is WinPET open source?”

“Does WinPET have a Net-Battle feature?”

“Will Windows PET be free to download?”



  1. Right here on this blog. There will be a new download page when I release it. I am hoping to release the program later on today

  2. Hello Liam, great program you have there, I had one question, is there anyway we can suggest improvements, nothing crazy just small improvements? And sorry I already asked this question on your youtube account, just wanted the question to get to you faster…

  3. I’ve just opened up a forum where you can discuss and suggest any improvements to WinPET. There is a Link on the main page. Enjoy!

  4. hello!

    use smart phone ?

    It downloaded or is considerably good.

    I want to download to windows mobile and to use it.

    It seems to be interesting when putting it in the portable terminal.

  5. would you consider adding a virus busting concept to it, and u win zenny to purchase chips or special features to it?

    good luck with this and i hope you contine working on it

  6. I can make a battle program for you guys il make a game maker game all you have to do is make a button on the winpet to open the battle program

  7. I’m interested in expanding WinPet further by adding more features. I’m thinking about writing it in Visual Basic than Cocoa for Mac. Contact me if you’re interested.

  8. Hey, I love the Windows PET! The only things I wished it had was a net battling feture and a feature that let users with microphines in their computer to talk to their navi. That would be awesome! :]

  9. why does 2.5.5 keep on making me go through the navi and browser process I tried to use the launcher for repairs Im out of ideas

  10. hi all, well, I think what I will say is off topic but then …. occurred to me that one could add a PET system battles would be good to fight against each other, and I also know that is hard work, but we can all help in something? and do so.

    tell me if it was not a great fighting system eh? I find good
    and if the operator of Winpet (Liam) wants to consider my idea because we could help all

    not speak for the others just say …… is to give that touch to PET
    is that not done before so it’s hard but please keep me in mind if Liam? I ask =)

  11. sir if can i join for improving of the winpet contact me in my facebook account christian.sison@ymail.com i looking for the one who can build pet but nothing can do it so when i see this i try it its cool but my plan can help you to improve more the winpet i hope you read it

  12. I’m wondering, is this program going to change the appearance of my start bar, and change how the programs are accessed? if so i’m afraid my parents won’t let me download it…

    1. I just downloaded mine today, and I had to download 7Zip with it so I could install it. But I don’t see any Changes in my start bar and it doesnot change how programs are accessed. Awesome program

  13. Hello,Liam nice to meet you I am Heli Genieon I,m 16 years old that`s my secret name so you can tell it to only me OH I FORGOT! Can you help me to create a title for Megaman Elite Force,for me?

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