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WinPET 2.5.5 Release


This will be the last release of WinPET. (Click here to find out why)

WinPET 2.5.5 Features..

  • 6 New Net-navi -Tomahawkman, Shademan, Quickman, Colonel, Medi and Ring
  • Improved menu scroll speed – 100% faster than WinPET 2.0.5
  • NEW home screen design – Easier access to your programs and shortcuts.

In WinPET 2.0.5, you might not have been able to launch RealPlayer or WinAmp. This bug has been fixed. Enjoy!

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WinPET 2.5.5 Screenshots!

Screenshots of WinPET 2.5.5 (more)

I’m hoping to release this new version of WinPET very soon, but I dont want to miss anything, since this will be the last WinPET release for a long time. I’ll still be listening to suggestions in the forums for a little while longer, in case there is anything else I can improve.

2.5.5 Updates

  • 6 shortcuts avaliable from the home screen.
  • New menu shortcuts on the home screen
  • Increased menu scroll speed. ( +50% )
  • Quickman, Shademan, Medi, Colonel and Tomahawkman

WinPET 2.5.5

I will be releasing another version of WinPET some time over the next few weeks. This will be the final version of WinPET, and after this, I will be moving on to other projects.

WinPET 2.5.5 wont be a major improvement, but there are a few more things I need to improve, and the new home screen will have more shortcut buttons to some of the main menu features. The scrolling speed of the menus will also be improved.