Windows PET 2


  • Save up to 12 program/web shortcuts
  • Quick access to popular E-Mail sites
  • Search Google, Ask.com, Windows Live, Yahoo, Youtube and Wikipedia
  • Shortcuts to IM clients, browsers and media players
  • CD Player
  • Skinnable interface and 16 colours
  • 16 Different Net-Navi
  • Access to useful System tools
  • Control Panel
  • Microsoft Office launcher


  1. Hey man, I’m on PET-World as well and I know about the “PET” project that was going on. I’ve decided to make a Linux distro that feels like an OS that Dr. Hikari might use.

    Great work btw. I’m on Ubuntu so I can’t try this.

  2. I’m using v2, and it doesn’t save Winamp’s location… Winamp version is 5, System is XP Pro, WinPET version is 2 for XP… latest version.

    Otherwise, cool! I’d also like to see better performance between both it and Eternal Fighter Zero though. (That app’s version is Memorial 4.0x)

  3. I’m from german too.
    this program is very cool.
    I can help with programming newer versions of Winpet.
    But I need the Name of the program you made Winpet.

  4. Hey there
    i Was wondering even though you have said there will be no future WinPets have you considered going to a company like bandai or anothere japanese company and seeing if they would consider putting your application (possibly adding an AI of sorts) into a new version of a PET toy? it could be in world wide use within weeks if so! you could even add a link system to link the Pets together? just a thought if any one wants to add me or if you have questions on furthering my ideas my addy / email is goku94@hotmail.co.uk
    thanks man this stuff rocks ive been searching for something like this for like 3/4 years!

  5. do you think in the next version(if any() you could make a program that allows you to begin with a reg. netnavi then be able to up-grade him using a navi-customizer? just a thought!

  6. how could you drop the WinPET project?!! I haven’t even dounloaded it into my comp. and yet I know it’s awesome only because it was made by someone up to the challenge!

  7. hey liam, If you’re still checking on the website , how about reading the rest of this comment. Is it possible to download a WinPET into your ipod or phone?

  8. Wow this is simply amazing! Please continue this work, or try to create a even more amazing one! hahah If you need donations I’m sure your fans will gladly be able to help I know i will.

  9. hey!! wow sounds great…but i can’t try this… ’cause….i don’t have windows…and here is my question…

    you make this…but in mac version???

    ok, that’s it….

  10. I know it´s late but i download winpet2.5.5 my pc is asking for a .msi* file and it cant find it so i ask someone to post a comment with the instructions of how to install and run winpet 2.5.5

  11. Is there any way at all you could make another version with a netbattle feature? Is there any way you would make another version with programming?

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