WinPET 2.55 Download links!

WinPET Vista is back! I managed to recover the files that I had lost and finally found time to remake the installer.

Download WinPET for XP 2.55

Download WinPET for Vista/Win7 2.55




  1. Dude, your WinPET is probably the best bit of navigation programs. I could rarely find anything but this has actually proven helpful. Even win school work. One thing that you could give a shot, add in a chatbox AI program, possibly pretrained.

  2. You project is amazing… But is not a real navi… I searched for a very long time in internet one program inspirated in your winpet and in a japanes program called flele… The program have a ai machine… This machine is the thing i need. ¿Do you know about that program?
    Sorry for my english.

  3. I really like what you did with this. Very helpful, too.
    My only complaint howver, is that there are some Navis that don’t have animations, but should have. Starman.EXE for example, at least blinked his eyes in 4.5. If Aquaman.EXE had his small water animation from Rockman 4.5, why can’t Starman?

    Other than that, I really like it.

  4. heyy, this application looks like its pretty useful and fairly efficient. id LOVE to give it a try, but the download links seem to be down :/ can you please fix the download server or something?
    and for anyone who has it can you PLEAAASE email it to me?
    thank youu!

  5. This is the best program ever this is the closest i have been to a real pet ….. forget that this is a real pet all we need now is some AI and a hand held model. This is awesome

  6. Hello my name is stephen harris and I was wondering when you download this do you get the source code? If so i would like to discuss a project I’ve been working on as of late with you pleas reply as soon as possible.

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