WinPET Downloads

Sorry for the wait! Here’s the WinPET XP Installer!
Thanks Litintha!

Download WinPET XP 2.55

Anyone with WinPET Vista 2.5.5 installer – Please send to



  1. You are quite welcome, Liam!

    Just a quick note: If you have the latest McAfee Security Suite, it might detect a certain file, CNCS32.DLL, as a Trojan, and automatically remove/quarantine it. I have tried to talk to McAfee about it, but they seem adamant about the file being a legitimate Trojan (which the file is NOT, mind you. McAfee are just being morons).

    So, the way to fix this problem is, before installing WinPET, is to disable your McAfee Real-Time scanning. This way, the file won’t be removed automatically after install, and you can run the program no problem.

    Have fun, everyone!


    1. Hi, i have a question. How do you make the winPET bigger?
      Because, on my window7 comp. its SO small.

      Please reply

      Thank you.

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