I’ve still been getting comments and mails about continuing winpet, porting it to other OS’s and making it open source. I’m afraid I have completely dropped the WinPET project, and may not even have the source file anymore. As I’ve written on the FAQ page, I’ve been moving onto different projects and learning a proper programming language.
As I’ve said before, WinPET was made with app building software that everyone has been so curious about. I used one of the tools from Clickteam, as I did with the first Windows PET. It was an old one which I had experience with, and is probably nowhere near as sophisticated as the new stuff  they’re advertising. I guess using it to make WinPET 1 was OK, as it was only distributed on a small forum, it couldn’t do much, and I was only about thirteen at the time. With WinPET 2, I added many more features, and a shiny new interface, which was initially the only thing I wanted to make. WinPET 2 cannot be ported to other operating systems or mobile device. I am sorry if I’ve disappointed any of you who were looking forward to any future developments of WinPET.

WinPET seems to have inspired other developers to make new PET programs for mobile devices, other OS’s and whatnot. I wish good luck to all of those developers, and hope that you can make a PET that does a lot better than WinPET. Some people really enjoy WinPET, and I’m glad it’s put a smile on some faces at least. I didn’t even expect that much when I started.

As I have dropped WinPET and am now busy with other projects, I won’t be able to answer any of your questions or provide any help other than what I’ve written on the help page.

For those who have been having trouble with Microsoft office launcher, check this thread in PET-World Board, although I don’t think the board is active anymore.

Thank you for your interest in WinPET!
Even though I couldn’t do much, I hope you enjoy it!

Note on high CPU consumption: While making WinPET, I made quite a big mistake without realizing. It constantly reads the data file storing the colour and skin settings from the hard drive. That is what has been eating your CPU. So don’t worry, it’s harmless.



  1. i want to ask a favour if i can take the program since after the six week holiday i will be on a college course which will help me actually make something out of what you started

    if you will allow me to i would be greatful

    please message me by msn which is:

    Mike aka Shurocko

  2. I don’t know what you mean by ‘take’ if you mean show it in college to examine it, be my guest. If you mean you want to edit the program, I cannot give you the source file. WinPET is NOT an open source project, as I have said many times before.

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