Welcome to the WinPET Blog. This blog will answer questions on the WinPET program, which I will be releasing shortly. I’ll start with a bit of info on the program. It’s basically an app launcher with a Megaman Net navi on the front. PET stands for ‘PErsonal Terminal’, which is a PDA-like device used in the megaman series.


  • Save up to 12 program/web shortcuts
  • Quick access to popular E-Mail sites
  • Search Google, Ask.com, Windows Live, Yahoo, Youtube and Wikipedia
  • Shortcuts to IM clients and browsers
  • CD Player
  • Skinnable interface and color change
  • 16 Different Net-Navi
  • Access to useful System tools
  • Control Panel

WinPET will be released for Windows Vista and XP separately, since there are compatibility issues. WinPET Vista will include shortcuts to the features exclusive to Windows Vista.

I sent the program to DarkKittenGamer to test last week, and he recorded and uploaded a Video of the program. Since the video was uploaded, i have made many changes to the program. I have replaced the static menus with sliding menus and added a few new features.


  1. hi this is really cool and i would like to have this program for my windows xp im a big fan of megaman so when u have finished it i would like to know if this will be free if it would u let me know so i can download it thank u.

  2. Yes, I have to agree, this is awesome.

    I remember looking for something like this a couple years ago.

    Can’t wait for August 15th!

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